Who We Are

E. P. Anderson Photography is the work of a husband and wife based out of Portland, OR and Vieques, Puerto Rico. We cover weddings throughout Oregon and beyond–as professionals we believe that customer service and reliability are paramount. Our style is typically “journalistic”, candid and natural, though we prefer not to pidgeon-hole ourselves. Photography has many different possibilities, and we like to experiment when inspiration strikes. We also believe that wedding photography shouldn’t feel like a chore, so we do all we can to streamline the process.

Elliott typically handles all the photography and photo-nerd-techy stuff, while Jillian prefers to work with clients and occasionally assist if the right shoot comes along.

As of Oct. 1st, we are currently based in Portland, OR and booking through the 2018 season. Vieques was hit by two Category 5 hurricanes (Irma and Maria) and has limited infrastructure for the time being. As such, we will be staying in Oregon through the Summer. We will be back in Vieques to cover weddings from about Feb. 1st to the second week in July.

Elliott and Jillian Anderson currently reside in Portland, OR. They moved to Vieques, Puerto Rico in 2012 for a nice change of scenery and weather. Upon arriving in Vieques, it was clear there was room for another photography studio offering a more modern take on some classic photographic ideas. E. P. Anderson has quickly risen and been recognized as an industry leader in Puerto Rico by photographing weddings in a less traditional way. In late 2017, two hurricanes hit the island hard and E. P. Anderson has relocated to Portland, OR for the foreseeable future. We will be back and forth for the coming year, but we are booking weddings in Oregon for the summer of 2018.

As a husband and wife team, Jillian & Elliott are able to collaborate well, creatively. Shooting upwards of 50 weddings a year has given them a thorough understanding of the mechanics of a wedding day. Because of this experience, they are able to capture the more intimate motions of the day. Things that others might overlook.

Elliott began his Photography career around 2006, though he had a fledgling interest long before that; picking up his Dad’s old Nikon FG20 as a kid and doing some wholly unremarkable things with it. In purchasing a digital camera in ’06, Elliott had a bit of a light-bulb moment: photography is a great way to bridge the divide between his technical interests and artistic endeavours. He took up a few freelance photography assistant gigs and eventually landed a job as an assistant at a major wedding studio. He went on to become studio manager, but opted to finish his education and left the company after a year. Elliott was awarded a prestigious internship as an architectural photographer in late 2009 and also began working as a post-production professional at Evolve, Inc.–a job he held until 2013. Editing approximately a half a million photos per year enabled him to acquire a very deep understanding the process. Something he has been able to use to his advantage as a full-time wedding photographer.

Jillian began her Photography career much more recently, as it became apparent the need for a second photographer at E.P. Anderson. Jillian left her lengthy career in the food and beverage industry to work in the studio full time in early 2014, and has made leaps and strides as a photographer. She now handles all clients as well as taking her own shoots from time to time. She also handles much of the growing videography side of the business.

The goal of E.P. Anderson Photography is to meet the specific needs of the client while maintaining personal artistic integrity. The final product should contain a sense of artistry and craftsmanship; using the latest technologies, proven techniques and a sense of reverence for past generations of photographers.

Style Me Pretty – Mar. 7, 2016 featuring Analiz + Victor’s wedding in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

BRIDES – Apr. 12, 2016 featuring Valerie + Andrew’s wedding at the W Resort in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Fab You Bliss – Jun. 6, 2016 featuring Nikki + Chad’s W wedding, and was also published by Aisle Society

Architectural Digest – Jul. 31, 2014 – Images of El Blok Hotel, Vieques, Puerto Rico.

August Willows – Aug. 5, 2015 featuring Kathleen + David’s Vieques wedding.

20+ Image spread in Vieques Insider‘s Feb-Apr. 2016 Edition.

Cover and images featured in Vieques Insider‘s Feb-Mar. 2015 Edition.

24+ features on Huffington Post’s Real Weddings.

Recently featured several images in New York Times.

Featured on Glamour Magazine’s Real weddings.

Cover image and eight page spread in Old House Journal magazine in 2009.

As we continue to grow, we intend to do more destination work throughout the Caribbean and abroad. We are also launching a sister studio, which will help our clients that might need a little more flexibility than E. P. Anderson can currently provide. Beyond that, we just hope to grow and continue to provide a great service to our clients. Our goal is to be the premiere Puerto Rico wedding photography team!

I believe the job of the photographer is that of the documenter and of an artist. I love the concept of candid photography. People behave naturally when they are not expecting to be captured on film, and true emotion is more readily available.

So yes, I like the concept of the “journalistic wedding photographer”. Or, the photographer-as-storyteller. These adjective phrases could very well sum up my philosophy, though I prefer to avoid the tired clichés. I don’t think any photographer should fully categorize themselves so as to appear contradictory when a creative urge strikes. I prefer to keep my hand out of the image more often than not, unless of course it challenges the first sentence of my mission statement.

I enjoy the work of the old street photographers, journalists and landscape photographers. Blending these three notions with current trends in photography is my goal.

Therefore my style can just be called documentary. Aside from your standard formals and classic portraits, I maintain a fairly hands-off approach. Posing is a necessary evil in many cases, but the natural interactions of you and your wedding guests are the primary objective of my coverage.

Planning your wedding in Vieques? Come work with the premiere Vieques wedding photographer!

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