Our studio is currently looking for additional help to get us through this crazy wedding season! We are currently looking for an experienced individual to come work in the Caribbean for 60 days as a contractor. This is a rotating position, but the right candidate could stay or return for multiple “time slots”–and potentially even work for us continuously and full-time! Our ideal candidate is someone with experience, but willing to adapt to our style; while also looking to gain additional experience in a unique environment.

We are located in Vieques, Puerto Rico. A small, but incredibly gorgeous strip of green in the Spanish Virgin Islands. Amenities here can be somewhat limited and the living a tiny bit rustic. However; the light is often incredible and the climate is borderline perfect during the winter months. Please consider that getting good healthcare or even just visiting a walmart requires a trip to the main island of PR, which requires taking a small aircraft or ferry. If this doesn’t sound fun, please don’t apply! If this sounds appealing, you’re probably a better fit!


NOTE: This is a rotating position and this page will be updated as our schedule dictates.

-Dec. 1st-60 Days

-Feb. 1st-60 Days

-Apr. 1st-60 Days

-Jun. 1st-60 Days


-Photography 1-2+ weddings or events per week.

-Additional family/couples shoots throughout the week.

-Second shooting.

-Managing assistants.

-Some post-production work and social media management for the studio.

-Dec. 1st period around 20 hours per week, all other periods up to, but no more than 40 hours per week.


-Experience photographing weddings. This can vary, but the ideal candidate would have a couple years as a lead photographer under their belt or a dozen or more weddings in varied conditions.

-Experience as a second shooter.

-Lighting experience.

-Video experience a bonus.

-Post-production in both photo and video a bonus.

-Self-motivation and discipline.

-Appropriate dress.

-Having your own gear a plus. Working with full-frame and fast-primes a double-plus.

Perks and compensation:

-$350 travel stipend for Airfare (we can help find the inexpensive flights down here and arrange travel).

-For the period of Dec. 1st, pay is $1500/mo. with an additional wage over 20 hours per week. For all other periods the pay is $1800/mo. for up to 40 hours.

-Vehicle provided–expect a beach-mobile.

-Living space provided.

-Potential for long-term employment.

-Live in Paradise!

Additional questions can be direction to elliott@epanderson.com. You are also free to email in a resume and cover letter.

NOTE: If you have never shot a wedding, please do not apply!!