Frequently Asked Questions

for before and after the wedding!


Q. What is required to Save our Date?

A. We required a completed contract and retainer to reserve your date.

Q. Why aren’t your prices listed?

A. We simply prefer to talk with our clients before sending out our prices and brochures.

Q. Do you offer packages not available on your brochure?

A. Yes! Contact us with any special requests and we can absolutely put together a custom quote for you.


Q. Are your prices flexible?

A. We feel our prices are very comparable to photographers throughout the Caribbean. We can offer some minor service reductions which can lower the overall price, as well as offering a small discount for paying your balance in full when you pay your retainer.

Q. How many photographers do we get?

A. All packages include just a single photographer. Depending on availability, there may be a second photographer on site to assist. For a fee, we can ensure that there will be a second photographer on your wedding day.

Q. Do you charge travel fees to travel from Vieques to Puerto Rico?

A. Not currently, and we shoot over there often!

Q. Do you have recommendations for planners/vendors/venues for our wedding?

A. While we are not coordinators ourselves, we are great friends with many great vendors in Vieques and Puerto Rico. We would be happy to put you in touch with any of them, and are always happy to share some tips and ideas for planning a Puerto Rico destination wedding! We also know many of the venues quite well, as we spend a LOT of time photographing them.

Q. How do we get our images and how long does it take?

A. Our packages all include Digital Downloads of full resolution images, however we are capable of delivering images via USB drives or DVD. Be sure to let us know if you will need a form of delivery other than Digital. Contracts vary depending on services rendered, but we are typically contracted for 12 weeks–though we often return work closer to 6-8 weeks. Some packages may also include a Highlight Gallery, which is returned much sooner.

Q. Edited Images? What do you mean by that?

A. Images straight from the camera tend to look a bit dull and inconsistent. All images we shoot go through and extensive post-processing treatment to make sure they look great. Our images have a very slightly stylized aesthetic modeled after classic film-stocks, such as Kodak Portra or Fuji 400H. Most packages also include a number of “Artistic Edits”, which will take the look of the image that much farther and create a one-off piece of artwork. These edits typically include further toning of the image, Black & White or Sepia tones or other creative effects. These typically include retouching if necessary.

Q. How do I download my images?

A. You will receive a link to our proofing site, which includes options to download both individual images and a zipped folder of the entire shoot. You will be asked for an email address, at which point you will be given instructions to download.

Q. I noticed that your contract says you retain image rights?

A. We retain rights to use the images we take for promotional use only–i.e. we would not sell your images as stock photography, etc. We are occasionally asked to share images with various publications, in which case we would acquire your written consent before publishing. This is one area of our contract that is negotiable, if you have specific reasons not to have images of yourselves made public (modeling agency conflicts, law enforcement officers, etc.).

Q. Do you offer prints, albums and other services?

A. Yes we do! We offer albums that range anywhere from “very affordable” to “luxury”. We also offer all sorts of other print media via the proofing site you receive with your images. We make it exceedingly easy to order prints directly through us.

Q. If you are already booked, can you shoot my wedding?

A. Maybe! We have a growing team and are currently launching a sister-studio so we can cover multiple weddings on the same day.